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You have questions about music.

These aren’t your average questions, or you’d simply buy a book or find an article online that tells you how to do it.

We’re not talking about how to play a G chord, or how to read music, or how to clean your instrument properly.

We’re talking about the questions you have that you’re not even sure how to articulate.

  • What makes the harmony in that song so powerful? One of the singers seems to be doing something unique, but you can’t put your finger on what it is.
  • How do you find inspiration for composition? You hear stories about famous musicians who just hear snippets of music that they then write down, but you know there’s more to it than waiting for that elusive strain of music to waft by.
  • How can you do what you’ve seen fellow musicians do? Hear a song once, and immediately understand how it’s put together, how to adapt it, improvise with it, turn it into something new.

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Your training and learning has hit a stumbling block because no one seems to be able to answer these kinds of questions. Books, teachers, classes – every potential answer source just tells you to sit back down and practice, practice, practice.

You’ve been practicing.

What you need is for someone to explain what’s really been nagging at your mind about how music works.

Our forum is here to answer questions like these. We’re a community of musicians and music enthusiasts who don’t just know what’s written in the textbooks or taught in music classes. The people on our forum have found the answers to questions like these by living them, and they have real advice to give.

EQ and mixing help onlineThey can tell you when there’s a shortcut to learning a technique. They can also tell you when your music would be better served by going the long way around.

They can break down the elusive quality that you’ve been trying to identify in a much-loved piece of music. They can give you the answers to how a composition is really made, how much of it is inspiration and how much of it is method.

This forum is full of people just like you. People who love music and who have pursued these kinds of questions as a way of making their own creations better and purer and more unique. They’ve found the answers to many of the questions you have, and they’re more than willing to share.

They also want to hear about your knowledge. That’s what community is all about.

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about it anymore, but there have been times when you’ve asked a question, pursued it, and found the answer on your own. Get aural skills advice online

Your unique way of looking at and analyzing music has led you to the answer for that question, and now the question no longer bothers you. You’re on to new questions, questions you can’t figure out.

That answer doesn’t lose its value, though. There are other musicians out there who are seeking the answer you have.

The forum is all about community, about people who love music helping one another appreciate the complexities behind the composition. We know you have a great deal to contribute. We’re betting, in fact, that if you check out the forum right now, you’ll be able to find at least one – probably many more – music enthusiasts with questions you can answer.

And you’ll find music lovers who have answers to your own questions.

You’ll find a community of artists and musicians, people who love music just as much as you do and are just as devoted to uncovering the secrets of how to make their own work better. You’ll find the support you’re looking for – it’s hard to be someone who loves music deeply and never be able to explain to your friends exactly what makes your appreciation so much different than theirs.

It’s hard to feel that you’re the only one who understands music, and wants to know more.

You’re not the only one. Come to our forum and discover a whole community of music lovers just like you.

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