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    I guess this question is directed to Christopher and Cayla; what are your plans for the future of EET? What do you see on the horizon for the project?

    I hope I’m not too forward in asking but I really enjoy the concept here and would like to know if there are going to be major expansions?

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    Good questions @quintusvw! I’m passing this one on to @Christopher-Sutton because he can answer much better than I!


    @quintusvw: Thanks for asking! We always have a wide variety of projects underway at Easy Ear Training…

    Our main focus is SingTrue, improving the user experience, making it more effective for teaching, and extending the app with new exercises and modules to help you develop more advanced and robust singing skills.

    We are also embarking on a bigger, broader project, also focused on singing… but that is under wraps for a little while longer!

    And of course we’ll be supporting and continuing to improve our existing products, such as our eBooks, Ear Expansion course, and iOS apps, and publishing new articles regularly here on

    We always welcome suggestions and requests from existing students and customers too. The email replies we get from Crash Course students, and the comments made here on our forums and on Twitter and Facebook all have a strong influence on what we focus on and what we create next… so keep the feedback coming! :)

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    It sure sounds like you are planning big things. I like that, and know how it feels to plan.

    I’ll be giving my best to provide valuable feedback and help where I can.

    Please keep up the good work.

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    Worth noting here: EET is one of a kind, there is no other platform or concise system I know of on the web, which provides such a seamless multi media ear training support and experience. Well done you lot.

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    @christohper-sutton I’m looking forward to the expansion of the Sing True app. I have big hopes for that helping me to get my voice out. I used to sing in school in choral groups, then once I got a criticism that since then has had a negative impact.

    Now that I play piano, I want to be able to sing at the same time, so I need to get work on my voice.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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