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    Welcome to EasyEarTraining.com!

    Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, a musician or an audiophile, a teen or a retiree, you are very welcome here.

    We want these forums to be the most useful, interesting, and fun place to talk ear training and learn the latest tools, techniques and resources for improving your ear.

    That’s a big goal, and it’s one we’ll need your help to accomplish!

    So don’t be shy :) Introduce yourself below and share a bit about what’s brought you to the world of ear training!

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    Hi, I’m Daisy D! I write songs and play keyboard (synth).

    I found this site with a search for song writing tips. I don’t really do ‘ear training’ but I find the chords exercises and playing by ear advice on this site really useful

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    Henry, I play electric bass. I’m pretty good at bass but can’t play by ear AT ALL. Trying to use this site and apps to help with that. Think it can work? My band mates tell me there’s no hope for bassists hah!

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    Introduce yourself below and share a bit about what’s brought you to the world of ear training!

    My name’s Sophia, I play acoustic guitar and I’m trying to learn spanish/flamenco. My teacher is youtube!

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    hey whats up…. I’m Phil aka puncatrator…. I play bass guitar drums oh yeah and I sing. Too much??? can’t help it I love them all!

    whats brought me to ear training…. want to play by ear and get tighter on my rhythm skills….

    henjay there is hope for bassists…. I should know lol started with bass and now play guitar like a madman!!

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    @Sophmarq:OMG! Your teacher is youtube? Don’t take me wrong, but don’t do that! You need a real teacher to learn music well. All those subtle mistakes that you do, youtube can never correct them. Perhaps you could have a second’s miss on the timing, perhaps you could be using a wrong technique.

    My music teacher laid the whole foundation of timing, rhythm, chord formation, chord theory and so on! Youtube is simply a top up, a Q&A book, not the whole book in in itself! But anyway, it’s up to you!

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    @iakalank: oh I guess you’re right! I did have lessons for 2 years to learn the basic chords, strumming, rhythm, theory, etc etc

    After that it seemed like I was just learning new songs so I decided I could do that myself with tutorials on youtube. Also, my old teacher does not teach the spanish style that I wanted to learn.

    You have made me think again about this and maybe it is time for another lesson (or ten!)

    Thank you!

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    Well yes, 2 years is good. I wonder if you’re studying music as a hobby or if you’re studying it to become a professional. If you have professional aims, then I very strongly suggest that you get a good teacher. What we learn in 2 years is like a pie. You could easily miss something. (2 weeks ago I was making tiny mistakes on dynamics (volume control) while playing fingering exercise on my guitar and that carried on to my notes and song playing too. And I was missing on technique too. My teacher corrected me!!) Yes, that’s what I mean. A person who has been there for 20 years can teach you lots. Try and get a teacher who isn’t so commercial (I am lucky I got a great teacher!). It’s not going to cost you much….

    But anyway, if Music is more of a hobby to you, then cool! Youtube is enough! And self-learn!

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    I’m Lynn. I want to improve my ear training.

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    Wow, lots of new people since I last logged on. Welcome everyone!

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    Wassup my name is Wize’El I’m a songwriter, producer,singer,M.c./rapper and I write, produce,record,mix and master my own songs just trying to be the best me musically that I can be.

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    hi guys, i’m luigi and i play guitar. the reason i’m here is exactly because i want to fill the gaps between hear, mind, hands and instrument and i think that practicing hear training is the first step to get it…


    Welcome everyone! I’ve been trying to resist jumping in to say welcome to each person who arrives, but it’s great to hear from you all and what’s brought you to the community.

    So a late-but-very-warm welcome to @dayzd @henjay @sophmarq @puncatrator @iakalank @ldyattmsn-com @wizeel and @lewis7!

    @wizeel Love your goal! “Be the best me musically that I can be” sounds perfect. For the recording side of things you might find the audio frequency and mixing pages useful for the recording side of things.

    @lewis7 Filling the gaps is exactly what ear training is for! Without it, theory never quite connects up with the practical experience of playing music… Just realising this is a big step that many musicians never take, so it’s great that you’re on the right track :)

    If anybody has questions or needs a hand please post in the Ear Training board! I know a few of you have found your way there already :)

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    Everything is ear training! We constantly need to be listening to ourselves and others as we play and learn. Still, many students remain stubborn about ‘ear training’ until it becomes apparent that they’ve hit a plateau in their playing. All the technique and “chops” in the world will only go so far, after that it’s about careful listening and adding passion to your playing.

    We’re so proud to have links to EasyEarTraining inside our dlp music books – it’s definitely a super resource for today’s learners. Keep up the great work!

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    I am Rita. I am interested in learning singing and playing key board

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