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    Wasn’t it Archimedes who shouted out “Eureka” when he made the discovery that a body in water displaces it’s own mass. (This may be urban myth)

    A Eureka moment for me is the moment when my understanding of something takes a qualitative leap, maybe one small detail falls into place and gives you a bigger picture, or the last price of jigsaw turns up.

    Eureka moments I have had include discovering the circle of fifths. There are so many musical patterns in there I am still discovering new things.

    Understanding minor ii-V-Is was another Eureka moment for me it explained why diminished chords turn up all ghe time in standards. They sound good too.

    Anybody got a Eureka moment they’d like to share?

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    I know this might be far from music, but I had it not too long ago when I was doing some research on the information processing of the neurological components of the human brain. It was late at night, and I was already in bed. I was reading an article on my tablet which I in some strange way stumbled across.

    I always thought that the neuron is the smallest part in the brain and the key factor to cognitive function. That the interconnections of these little guys were the foundation of the human mind. While reading this article the authors indicated that inside each of these neurons is a network of microtubilines, and that these might actually be the cause for human consciousness.

    Needless to say, having a new perspective after years of having only one view, I had an eureka moment. It opened so many ideas and understanding for me that I could jump up and down…I spoke about it for days.

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    @spark: This is a really great topic, and I’m interested to see the replies.

    @quintusvw: It’s amazing how we can see things from a different perspective when it’s worded differently or just said by someone else. Great example.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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