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    This has really been a challenge to me: figuring out the chords of a song.

    I’ve learned how to pick a key and identify the family of chords for a song. I can also figure out the notes as played in the melody. My biggest challenge is figuring out the chords. I learned that you start with figuring out the bass notes but I can’t seem to do it well consistently.

    Did you have the same experience before? Any tips for people who have yet to get over that hump? How was your journey in becoming adept at figuring out the chords in a song by ear?

    Hope to hear from you guys =)

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    This is my biggest challenge, too. I’ve also been told that you figure the bass line first, but I do it in reverse. Melody first, which gives me the key. Then I play around to find out what the chords would be. Long process. That’s what lead me to Easy Ear Training.

    I’d also appreciate some tips. I really want to be able to figure out songs by ear.

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    Well, coming from my bass guitar experience, I would say ‘feeling’ is what counts. Once I know what the root note (key) of the song is, I would purely go by what sounds right (which usually falls in-line with the song).

    If there is a change to either the IV or V chord of the song, I move my playing position to the string on which both those notes are positioned. Then it purely goes on what I hear. If it sounds right – it is right. That’s my style.

    :) Any suggestions?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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