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    For anyone trying to start writing songs here is a really good video (I didn’t make it!)

    <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

    She says song writing is:

    1 Concept
    2 Chords and Riffs
    3 Vocal Melody
    4 Lyrics
    5 Structure
    6 Tempo, Key
    7 Arrangement

    Personally I figure out the structure before the chords, melody and lyrics because I

    In the video she says arrangement is the most important part of a song. I disagree with that! But it is the step where I like to experiment the most (you can imagine so many different versions of the same song!)

    Anyway if you are starting song writing I hope you’ll enjoy this video

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    Nice video, Daisy! Thanks for sharing.

    Why do you figure out the structure first?

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    good video…. thanks @dayzd!

    so there are 7 parts to song writing huh? I think I score about 3!! I can come up with chords and I can write pretty good lyrics…. just need that missing piece melody lol!

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    I never attempted to write an entire song but I have written lyrics based on a melody I had in my head. That may sound strange, but I will listen to a song that has lyrics, take the melody in my head, and combine it with other songs to make it sound how I want. I will then write out lyrics for this melody. Either I am insane or strangely intelligent. I will hope for the latter. lol

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    Good video! It’s been a long time since I have written a song of my own! I work with lots of indie musicians and others who may want to learn about this. A lot of these people are a part of my online radio station and social networking website. I think this would be a good video for my website so I am going to post it over there also. Thanks for sharing!

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    I haven’t tried to write my own song before but i always thought that coming up with lyrics would be the first step. Maybe it is time to get creative.

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    I’m really really glad everyone enjoyed the video!! I just watched it again and got some fresh inspiration too :)

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    Here’s a Video I Made on How to Write a Song… Maybe bring some extra insight to the great video that dayzd shared above! :)


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    Really good video @sarahpopejoy! I think I am a bit more advanced now (not much lol!) but it is good to remember the foundations of song-writing

    I thought it was interesting that you say write the lyrics first. I normally decide the structure and then do the lyrics

    I liked your idea that the melody is based on the chords of the song, picking notes out from those chords. Sometimes I feel a bit lost with all the notes of the key (and even accidentals) not knowing which notes to put in my melody. I think this will really help

    I’m still figuring out how the Circle of Fifths work but I think I get the “one four five” idea. It seems like there’s lots more that the Circle can tell you though?

    It’s a great suggestion too to go online and get the chords for a song you like and figure out how the chords come from the key. This definitely taught me a lot!!

    P.S. the video broke at 7:30 until 8:00 is that just me?

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    @dayzd and @sarahpopejoy: Those are both really good videos. I wish I was better at song writing. I feel like I’m better at harmonies, melodies, and mixing, but I am terrible with lyrics!

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