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    okay…. maybe the simplest ear training question…. intervals!

    whenever you look online for ear training you get all this stuff about intervals…. why??!

    I know what an interval is and how to play them…. but whats the point of learning them by ear?? do rock stars use intervals? I play guitar and do ear training for chords…. should I be doing intervals instead/?


    A fair question!

    You’re right: it is often just taken for granted that intervals are the starting point for ear training. And that’s unfortunate, because for many people (I suspect you’re one) there are other things which can usefully be learned first, such as chords, progressions, audio effects, etc.

    Intervals are often ear training 101 because in terms of music theory they’re the simplest thing to train your ear for: just two notes. And they can be very useful indeed, and they do build a strong foundation for other things such as chords, scales, progressions, and so on.

    Here’s a full post on the subject: “Interval ear training: what’s the point?”

    If you’re getting on well with your current ear training and it’s closely tied to what you’re working on in music, stick with it! Don’t assume that because lots of other people are studying intervals you should too. That said, if you’re looking to add a new topic or build a really robust sense of relative pitch, interval ear training is probably worth some time.

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    okay…. I started with intervals with the practice pack…. I am doing okay with major and minor thirds they are a bit like major and minor chords

    one more question…. now I can hear them how do I use them on guitar??!

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    This was very informative. I never asked the question myself but the knowledge here is very useful. :)

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    I know it’s the same thing, but for some reason I can identify intervals easier when deciphering a song, than just trying to identify intervals.

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