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    When you play a certain piece of music (a short piece that is :)), and you make a mistake, do you start over or just continue?

    I like to start over and play it properly…but this might not be the most effective method…any advice?

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    If I’m learning a new piece I try to practice it in sections, then I will keep starting over that section. Once I get to the point where I have all the sections, I go through the whole thing, past mistakes, then start over. If the same spot keeps giving me trouble, I go back & do just that section again.

    I used to keep starting over. My instructor told me to learn sections first, then play thru a mistake, because if you’re playing out, you can’t restart at a mistake.

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    Interesting…I think that would be the best method. Sections, then the whole, then the ironing out of the mistakes.


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    I like decomposing the piece to understand what the author meant, and this is very effective.

    I first listen to the scale once again if I stumble. Then I try to understand what chord progression the author is mostly using. This helps a lot, because you understand much better what the left hand is doing with chords, arpeggios or whatever there is.

    A specific example: Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor. Sometimes it’s hard to follow it all together, but specific pieces give a better insight. I understood that he’s using several scales, and the main chords or chord progression is i – iv – V – vii* with harmonic minor scale. This allows me to understand much better why the left and the right hands are doing what they are doing, even if it’s more complicated than just harmonic or melodic chords.

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