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    Really really good tone deaf stuff here lately! I mean these ones:

    I have sent them to my friends who think theyre tonedeaf!

    Does anybody else have friends like that? “Oh you’re so musical I wish I was too but I’m tonedeaf” etc.

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    I have known a couple people that have the same problem. I actually feel embarrassed for them if they decide to sing in public at karaoke or something. I would never just come out and tell them how off they were though. I would be much more likely to encourage them and tell them that they did a good job. I will check out the links you posted and maybe that will give me a better idea on how to help these people out. Thanks!

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    I never really put much thought into being tone deaf or not… I hope I am not! lol
    I will have to take the test. I don’t sing or play (as of right now) so I just listen to enjoy music. I don’t listen to too much mainstream things either. Most of the music I listen to doesn’t even have lyrics. I do love a good voice that can sing but I prefer being able to hear the music by itself. Maybe I am just picky. haha

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    @kristin_r Exactly!! I would never want to be rude to my friends but I can send them the link and hint in a friendly way! I don’t think any are really tone deaf but they do need to learn to sing in tune.

    @britanica If you listen to a lot of music that is a good thing for your ears
    A lot of my friends are like that but they haven’t learned to pay attention when they sing so they still sing out of tune! I feel like saying “JUST LISTEN TO YOURSELF!” but I know they would take it badly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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