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    Any tips and tricks on how to accurately tune the guitar? I have been playing the guitar for years but whenever my guitar gets out of tune, I have to go out to the neighbor (who plays the guitar as well) and ask his help.

    Do you have any tips and tricks you can share?

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    buy a clamp on tuner, easy to use, not expensive

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    You can do it in a lot of ways more or less educational :-D
    Is an acoustic or electric guitar either ways you can use a tuner a headstock clamp as pointed by chasingsummer.
    If is an acoustitc\classic you can find good free application for your smartphone.
    Or you can buy a Diapason (pitch fork?) and put it on the guitar tray to tune up with it 440 hz A.The start lowering the A string to a lower tune and then rise it up when you’re near the A (or other note) you ear a Beat (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beat_(acoustics)) the more you approach the note the less is number becoming more pleasing.
    It’s more clear if you use a Natural Harmonic on a the 5th fret
    Then proceed for the other strings confronting the natural harmonics on the fifth fret.
    For the B string you must fret the note at the fourth fret since there’s no natural harmonic for it…
    Hope it helps…

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    These are great suggestions!
    Thanks @mrear and @chasingsummer!

    Will try these, of course.

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