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    Hi everyone,

    What is your genre and why?

    I like to listen and practice to country/pop. I guess my inspiration came from the tv show Nashville :)

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    I have always been a fan of alternative rock. It is what I grew up on. I think that is the one genre that I never get tired of. I have a few bands in particular that really touch me and I always go back to their music over the new stuff out today.


    It depends when you ask me ;)

    I’ve never found a genre I couldn’t learn to like, and these days I tend to choose my music to suit (or alter) my mood each day. It ranges from classical and church music, jazz, blues, classic rock, right through to to pop punk and power metal!

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    Rock is my favorite genre but I do enjoy Jazz and blues too. Even some pop.

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    Yeah im also guilty of some POP love :)

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    I listen to anything that’s on the radio and I really really like anything with emotional lyrics or chords or a melody that makes you go oooh!

    When I write songs I try to find the words or notes that really move the person listening (you know surprises them but not in a shocking way just in a new fresh way) and I think that can be in any genre. I try to listen to as many genres as I can because I think it helps my songs

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    I like a lot of different types of music: classical, country, rock, metal, jazz, blues, J-Pop; you name it. I like songs with meaning. Some favorites are Air on the G-String by Bach, Ode to Joy, Unmei no Hito by Fujita Maiko, and Natasha Beddingfield’s album Unwritten.

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    It depends when you ask me ;)

    That’s my kind of answer! I can associate with anything from 80’s rock to hymns. You’ll usually find my radio on something in the country or blues genre, however.

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    It depends when you ask me!! A great answer!!
    My musical experiences started at secondary school, I was into Jazz, traditional and modern, and I was on my own there!! I played trumpet then cornet in a silver band. Mostly marches and church music. Nobody taught me the blues scale even and I eventually gave it up. I got into punk, alternative etc in the 80s, got a reggae head on in Bristol in the 90s, into ska, dub roots etc. also drum and bass, big beat etc. picked up saxophone a few years back, got back into jazz in a big way, opening doors to blues, bebop, rhythm and blues, soul, funk. Also I listen to bluegrass, country, Balkan gipsy, I say listen to everything at least once, if someone recorded it once it must have some musical value!!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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