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    I found that complementing my ear training with other resources has helped to better to understand the current content…and I guess that is why Christopher mentions so many other resources.

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    You’re definitely on to something, @quintusvw. Having a wide range of resources available to ensure you’re covered across the ear training board is definitely key. Things like transcription, integrating your instrument, and using different apps are all things that will help your ear towards your goal. @christopher-sutton, any comments?


    Yes, having access to a wide range of resources is definitely our recommended approach.

    Although some companies like to present their products and method as the “one perfect solution” providing all that you need, there are a few reasons we take a different attitude:

    1. Every musician is different. Interests, goals, and preferred learning methods all vary person-to-person. The reality is that there can be no “one size fits all” approach to ear training, and we believe it does the student a disservice to pretend that there is.
    2. Things change over time. What is useful and effective for your training at one stage may not be in future. It’s helpful to have a broad sense of the resources and methods available, so that if you need to make a change you know what your options are.
    3. The biggest barriers to achieving ear training results for most musicians are boredom and frustration, and the surest way to hit those barriers is to follow somebody else’s course blindly rather than finding what works for you.

    So I’m sure many experienced businesspeople would recommend we take a different attitude: recommending our own products exclusively, giving away little for free, and marketing ourselves as having the one perfect solution for every musician. And maybe we’d make more money that way!

    But I have no doubt that recommending as many and as varied high-quality resources as possible is the most responsible and helpful way to ensure our students and customers achieve great success with their training.

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    @christopher-sutton The method you are following seems to be inspired by a desire to assist us…like you mentioned: “…experienced businesspeople would recommend we take a different attitude…”. I guess that is what makes this site so resourceful :).

    Thanks again for making it possible to learn in such an amazing way.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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