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    Hi, I am Ronaldo from Brazil. After years studying classicak piano I have decided to take a considerable amount of time to train my ear (after having realized I couldn´t follow all the voices in contrapunctual pieces by Bach) – I am very excited and happy to start as soon as possible.
    greetings from São José do Rio Preto

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    Hello my name is Briana Dias no I am not Spanish I have Jamaican descendent parents and it’s cool.. I am the Glitter Goddess and I have been writing for years and have been very insecure about my singing voice. But I love what I write so who’s a better person to sing it than me.. So I eneded up here!!

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    Hello, I am Ely and I just trying to play guitar

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    Hello, I am Ely and I just trying to play guitar

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    Hi I am sending a file

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    My name is Phyllis, I love singing but desire to perfect my pitch and learn to harmonize and to learn how to play the keyboard by ear, also to reach greater horizon overall musically speaking. I don’t want to take forever learning how to do it.

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    I am Jack. I want to learn to hear music better.

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    Gregory here. I play the guitar badly and sing like a strangled cat. I want to play the guitar less badly and sing like a unstrangled cat.

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    Hi I am Nathan. I am a Music Education studentin college and my primary is percussion. I came here to help me with hear training for theory and arual skills.

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    I am Michelle. I am interested in learning how to sing.

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    Hi, I’m Dee. I love playing piano so much, but I’ve never felt that I’m “good at” music. I really want ear training to make music easier for me to really “get.” I’m a teacher and I recognize good teaching when I see it. The introductory explanations here are some of the best I’ve seen on the web so far. So many require too much knowledge of music theory for a beginner to even know how to get started. I’m hoping this will really work for me.

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    I play the guitar – want to do ear training to be able to play by ear and do fingerstyle arrangements of popular songs easily. I also want to get perfect pitch.

    Oh and if my voice improves along the way, so I can actually sing well, then that’s a bonus.

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    I’m a Bass player with a very
    weak ear. Hard to tell the difference between the types of chords. Hard to figure out songs by ear and would love to be able to in the near future. Huge 70’s Prog Rock fan.

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    My name is John. I play guitar and also sing in a number of choirs. I am joining the Ear Training course to help with improvising on the guitar and also to develop my singing sight reading.


    Hi I;m Paul and live in Hobart, Tasmania. I have been playing classical guitar for 5 years now. I”m passionate about classical music of all types. My teacher is telling me that I need to be able to sing the melodies ( and bass lines) of all the pieces I am learning to play and I struggle with that! I can’t sing to save my life, but I know I am not tone deaf. So, simply I want to be able to comfortably hum or laa the notes in my pieces.

Viewing 15 posts - 361 through 375 (of 378 total)

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